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SDPJ Home PageWhat Is The San Diego Professional Journal?

The San Diego Professional Journal is designed as the source of vital information about Professionals exclusively for Consumers looking for a service provider who is just right for their needs.

Doing due diligence on any Professional is a daunting chore for any consumer.  When you get a referral to a Professional, you want to find out about Him or Her.   Without a referral, you want to see other peoples opinions and find out more than a Name, Address, Phone Number or their Resume.  You search the Internet and, in most cases, that is all you can find.

Using The San Diego Professional Journal any Consumer will be able to discover who and what any Professional is by reading their articles, news stories and by viewing their “Who Is” page.

The articles, listed as “Views”, express the Professionals opinions on a multitude of subjects ranging from how Professional Services should be rendered to their personal views on sports and everything in between.

In the “News” section a consumer will read about the activities that news organizations and individual reporters feel is newsworthy and should be made public.

In the “Who Is” about the Professional, you will see and hear the Professional, in His or Her own words and voice, telling you who and what they are.  On this page you will also see Reviews from the Professionals Patients or Clients.  Good and Bad.  The San Diego Professional Journal does not and will not edit any Review.

The San Diego Professional Journal understands the value of choosing the right Professional by the Consumer.  In most cases, the Professional is needed to either solve a problem or head off a situation that could become a problem.  In many cases the Professional will become the most valuable relationship (outside of Marriage) that a consumer will ever enter into.

Our goal is to give you as much information as possible about the Professional.  Some of that information coming from the Professional and some of it coming from authoritative and interested third parties.

Unlike some Consumer Advocate web sites, the consumer will never be charged for this service.

If you know a Professional that should be included in the Journal, use our “Contact Us” form (click here) and we will contact them and get them listed.