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Dr Jeanett Tapia Chiropractor Answers Pressing Questions about NUCCA

Dr Jeanett Tapia is one of only 250 Chiropractors who practice the NUCCA methods.  She specializes with one vertebra, the Atlas, the first bone at the top of the spine.  The treatment is radically different than the chiropractic you normally think of.  The treatment is precise, gentle and repeatable.

1. What is NUCCA?
In an article in The Small Business Trendsetters Magazine NUCCA was explained this way “The NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) procedure is a unique form of upper cervical chiropractic care that frees the nervous system of interference by using a precise, non-invasive, gentle touch technique. Upper cervical refers to the very first bone in the spine.

Many patients who have been treated by traditional chiropractic methods and seeing no results will come to this type of treatment. Symptoms indicating this type of procedure can be all of the same ailments that bring a person to a chiropractor In the first place. Or the complaints can be more extreme such as migraines or vertigo. Patients with chronic illness or pain that cannot be explained will come to the NUCCA trained Chiropractor as well.”

2. How long until I am better?
True healing takes time. Healing is individual and there are many contributing factors. In general, the more personal responsibility the patient assumes in his healing process, the better the results. When dealing with spinal misalignment, the integrity of the musculature and ligaments has been compromised and adequate time is needed for these structures to heal in the aligned position. The longer your spine has been out of alignment, the more possible damage has occurred and therefore the more required healing time. Do not be concerned if you do not get instant relief.

3. How can the adjustment be so gentle and have such a global effect on my body?
Although the patient feels only a slight pressure behind their ear while being adjusted, there is adequate force being put into the neck. Using the first vertebra and the weight of the head to gain a biomechanical advantage, the doctor places their own body on a calculated angle to ensure the adjustment is specific to the patient’s individual misalignment. The force generated by the doctor is delivered to the patient in such a precise manner that many patients are surprised at how gentle the adjustment is.

4. Is it true that if you see a chiropractor once you have to go for the rest of your life?
The answer is no. There is a common misconception that once one begins seeing a chiropractor, they need to see one for the rest of their life. This could be due to the fact that the healing process requires time and multiple visits to the chiropractor may be indicated to stabilize the spine until the body knows how to hold the spine in an aligned position on its own. The longer your spine has been breaking down (which is usually much earlier than the initial onset of symptoms), the longer it will typically take to attain a stable alignment. Once people experience chiropractic, they often recognize the health benefits and choose a lifestyle that includes lifelong chiropractic care.

In that article in Small Business Trendsetters Dr. Tapia was quoted as saying “NUCCA is the most precise, effective and gentle technique in chiropractic and the NUCCA Upper Cervical Research Foundation continues to conduct research to further understand the relationship between the Atlas Subluxation Complex and conditions such as migraines. It is my honor to help people that have been to every specialist before me, and watch them transform through NUCCA care and see the hope in their eyes again.

Individuals can live with pain for long periods of time. Health is not just the absence of symptoms or disease. Health is having emotional, chemical and physical balance to be able to do the activities you enjoy and live your life to the fullest.”

You may contact Dr. Tapia at her office in Intouch Chiropractic, 2425 Camino Del Rio S., San Diego, CA 92108 619-756-7510

You can see more about Dr. Leanette Tapia here

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