San Diego Chiropractor Dr Devin Young, DC Clears the Misconception About Chiropractic Care

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San Diego Chiropractor Dr Devin Young, specializing in Sports Injury is passionate about the common misconception that says if you are not hurt you do not have to see a chiropractor.

A good example of this misconception can be said in reference to an automobile and its oil changes. You don’t wait until the car is out of oil to change the oil; you change the oil in order to do preventive maintenance. It’s the same thing with your body; if you can keep from being hurt you will perform better. If you do get hurt your recovery will be much faster.

Many people using chiropractic care after injury recognize they are far better off by maintaining their health rather than waiting for it to fade.

A trip to the chiropractor every couple of weeks will keep their body in balance. Staying in alignment with the body in balance will give a greater return not only in their performance but in their overall health.

When you are looking for a chiropractor, one of the most important things to look for is their experience. You should also try to find referrals to the Doctor. Who has the doctor worked with? Look for someone who can vouch for the doctor and someone whose credibility you can rely on. If you are a runner, you will probably want the referral from another runner. If you’re a golfer, you want the referral to a chiropractor from another golfer.

Your personal relationship with the chiropractor is of vital importance. Meet with the doctor, sit down and talk to the doctor. You absolutely must feel comfortable with your doctor.

There are three questions that most people ask when they sit down with the chiropractor to review their case.

• What is going on with me?

• Can you help me?

• How long will it take?

The first thing your doctor will have to do is to understand what’s causing the problem. That understanding will come through a comprehensive exam, complete history and thorough examination taking the x-rays that need to be done, all of which will determine what the problem is and what the underlying cause of the problem actually is. The reason for the comprehensive exam is that many times problems and symptoms don’t match up. Understanding what’s actually causing the symptoms to manifest becomes incredibly important. Once the doctor has that information a determination can be made as to what he can or cannot do for you.

From that information the doctor can lay out a treatment plan that will estimate the length of time it will take for you to be helped.

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